Friday, 30 July 2010

From Bed Frame to Bench.

My daughters boyfriend made this bench from an old bed frame found on the side of the road. It took him a few hours to make and my daughter painted it with wood varnish. It looks great. I'm going to make a funky cushion to go on it.

Sunflowers? no Pumpkins Galore!

Here are my pumpkins that I planted, grown from seeds I collected from last year. I did not intend to have so many. Last year I collected the pumpkin seeds put them in tinfoil to plant this year. I threw loads of the seeds into the soil thinking they were Sunflower seeds! (I have no idea why I thought they were Sunflower seeds).
I threw them down by the trellis and netting hoping to see a glorious display of flowering 6ft Sunflowers! No I now have about 20 pumpkins growing I think its great. I have loved growing these oh and I when i collect the seeds they will be clearly marked.

Three stages of Pumpkin growth!

One of my many Pumpkins.
Gardening Tip! I read in a Gardening paper that to stop Pumpkins or other large vegetable's rotting in soil is to put hay underneath them.

My Greenhouse

This is latest addition to my garden, my Greenhouse. I don't have much growing in it at the moment as I had set seeds at an earlier date.