Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Hand drawn patterns onto watercolour paper A1 size. Using various coloured pens. This has taken a couple of weeks to complete. I worked on it apart from two days when I had to have my wisdom tooth out ouch:( painful and bruised:( when this has eased no more toothache yippee:). Anyway its finished now thinking about exhibiting this and the embroidery. I have produced loads of work over the last few months so a bit to choose from. Will start on a new piece only using a couple of colours. My son has suggested I get in contact with wallpaper companies as he thinks this would good as wallpaper thanks Jack:)x. It has been suggested before:). Not sure how I go about it though:0?
Oh and I must draw the Doodle for the Day which is Kitchen Chaos this should be fun.

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