Sunday, 8 March 2009

Weekend Pleasure!

Work in progress pattern take from hand drawn patterns on watercolour paper.

Its been a fun weekend, going to three jumble sales with Mum and sis ( I love them) looking for wool, for my extreme knitting blanket! I did get some wool but that will be for the next one........ not the right colour!:). Its great getting bargain's also looking for bits and pieces for the embroidery mats, a couple of things. . The weather has been good so been out with hubs and the dog to local park. This gives me a break from all the creative work! refreshes the brain :). Today out with Hubs again looking at Laptops for me as I am going to learn about creating a website to display our work hubs is into photography. Got back and continued working on mat coming on well hope to have finished it by the end of this week all been well! Also going to try and work on this drawing that I have started using biro and sakura gel pens they are great to use.

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