Wednesday, 10 November 2010

I have a Cold!

So I have stopped making and guess what I have a cold this what happens when you start to relax you get poorly. Its not been has hard as I thought doing nothing creative. I'm busy looking after my baby so I cant do anything until he goes to bed at 7.30, at the moment this is not a problem as I am having time out from my creative world. I shall be busy this afternoon walking a cute little dog which i am doing for a friend while she is away. The weather is nice today the sun is shinning so it will be good to get some fresh air. I ordered a Labradorite crystal for myself which came yesterday, I bought it to help with my insecurities as it happens it also good for calming the mind and helps with colds and allot more but what a coincidence. I have lots more crystals I'm in the process of creating a crystal rainbow outside the front door from a book I have by Mary Lambert great book. Enjoy your day.

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