Monday, 8 November 2010

Time to Stop.

I have decided to not create anything for a while and take time out! My head is always so busy with ideas sometimes I cant sleep, I'm going to find this very difficult as I feel I should be doing something what it is I'm not sure. So I try different things and get bored and move onto something else. I have projects that I have started and not completed. I buy things and don't even open the box. My background is fine art my medium is drawing so I thought I would clear out items that are not related to this and stop hoarding them. I am a Spiritual person and would like create work relating to this, I love Mandalas I have made a few of these. I'm learning to Meditate and I enjoy working with crystals. So I hope this will help me. I love working with colour so maybe create something along these lines. It maybe during this time that I should just write down things and see what happens.

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